• Worst Hotel in the World
  • Worst Hotel in the World
  • Worst Hotel in the World
  • Worst Hotel in the World
Worst Hotel in the World
By KesselsKramer Softback imitation leather, 280 pp, 978-1-86154-311-0 7 1/8” x 9 3/8” Spring 2009

THE WORST HOTEL IN THE WORLD is the first book telling the full story of the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel, a hotel that has gained worldwide recognition, infamy and press attention.

THE WORST HOTEL IN THE WORLD will appeal to a wide audience: designers and design-minded people; advertising, marketing and communication people; and those in other associated creative fields. It will also appeal to travellers everywhere.

THE WORST HOTEL IN THE WORLD is conceived, written and designed by communications agency KesselsKramer, renowned for its work in the fields of communication, documentary, design and publishing. It also features the work of numerous designers and photographers such as UK designer Anthony Burrill.


There are books showcasing the top hotels. There is only one book about THE WORST HOTEL IN THE WORLD. In the long history of hospitality, the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel Amsterdam stands alone as the worst there ever was. 

This massive youth hostel in the heart of Amsterdam is infamous for its demented approach to communication, an approach which brought the youth of the world to sample its unearthly delights in droves.

Featuring every campaign and case study for the Hans Brinker, THE WORST HOTEL IN THE WORLD tells how a wide range of visual, creative communication can wrestle attention by using irony, pitch black humour, slap-in-the-face honesty and good old-fashioned media hysteria.

As hard as the Brinker pillows and as heavy as a Brinker breakfast, THE WORST HOTEL IN THE WORLD also contains facts, photos and interviews to tell the full, unabridged story.

The Hans Brinker has become one of the most talked about hotels in the world. THE WORST HOTEL IN THE WORLD allows readers to experience the pain and joy of being a guest there, without actually having to set foot inside.


KesselsKramer is a communications agency with offices in Amsterdam and London. Aside from its hell-raising work for the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel, the renowned agency is noted for a dizzying diversity of output. Worldwide campaigns for brands like Diesel, Levi's, J&B whisky, MTV and Absolut mix with branding campaigns to introduce a new hotel; packaging design; the introduction of a new fashion label; documentary and TV programming; as well as numerous books especially centred around photography.