• Unveiled: New Art from the Middle East
  • Unveiled: New Art from the Middle East
  • Unveiled: New Art from the Middle East
Unveiled: New Art from the Middle East
By Saatchi Gallery Hardback, full-colour, 208pp, 1-86154-313-4 320 x 285mm


Keynote: A book based on the exhibition, which runs at the Saatchi Gallery in London from January 30th until May 6 2009. 


Over 80 paintings, sculptures and installations from the Middle East representing a vibrant art scene that will challenge people's assumptions about the region.

The works, gathered over the last four years, touch on sensitive topics. They depict the horror of conflicts past and present, explore suppressed sexuality and examine a woman's place in the Muslim world.


The 19 artists in Unveiled: New Art from the Middle East, are from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Ramallah and beyond. Some still live in their native countries while others have emigrated to the West. Amongst the artists are works by: Diana Al-Hadid, Ahmed Alsoudani, Nadia Ayari, Ramin and Rokni Haerizadeh, Barbad Golshiri and Shadi Ghadirian



Over the years,  The Saatchi Gallery has launched the careers of many young artists, who have since become household names. Charles Saatchi first opened his gallery at Boundary Road north London in 1985 and has recently moved to a new gallery which opened in October 2008 at the Duke of York’s Headquarters in the Kings Road Chelsea.   He continues to collect and exhibit contemporary art.  Booth-Clibborn Editions have had several successful collaborations with the gallery, most notably Young British Artists, The Saatchi Decade (1999) and I Am A Camera.(2001)  Booth-Clibborn Editions’ next book with the gallery is Newspeak (Fall 2010) which will show Charles Saatchi’s pick of Britain’s new generation of talent.