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The Work Beyond
By Henri Barande Flexibound, Full colour, 3500 unique covers 20 x 27 cm, Extent: 304 pp, ISBN 978-1-86154-382-0 08 September 2016

The Work Beyond examines the extraordinary work of Frenchborn artist Henri Barande. Edited by art critic David Galloway, the book contains stunning reproductions of Barande’s sculptures and paintings, together with a collection of essays by Henri-Claude Cousseau, Romaric Sulger Büel, and Michel Weemans that explore Barande’s artistic achievements. This extensive monograph is published on September 8th 2016. Booth-Clibborn Editions have chosen to reflect the extraordinary breadth and sequential nature of Barande’s work in the book design. Each of the 3,500 book covers, all based on Barande’s paintings, will be unique.

The Design
Commissioned book designer Christoph Stolberg and German design studio Schultzschultz have developed a unique concept for Henri Barande’s book. The concept was inspired by Stolberg’s visit to the artist’s studio near Lausanne, where he was struck by the presentation of the canvases in tightly hung sequences. The team reasoned that using only a single painting as a cover illustration would misrepresent Barande’s aesthetic. An algorithm was created enabling a series of images to be randomly combined, one after another, to complement the artist’s own technique of presentation. 8500 cover combinations were produced then hand selected. A customized font was designed for the book’s title, which features distinct cuts that create a greater sharpness when viewed from a distance. This concept, too, was inspired by Barande’s work, which plays with resolution and distance to the canvas to create a dynamic experience for the viewer.

About Henri Barande
Henri Barande was born in Morocco and grew up in Carthage, an area whose geography, architecture and atmosphere had a profound effect on his practice as an artist. Barande believes his life is a prolongation of a death that has already occurred, and that his work is the surviving version of a previous existence. His practice is dedicated to exploring the dialogue between life and death, the found and the fabricated, which has led to the creation of a world of miniature forms and figures as well as monumental canvases.

For fifty years Barande kept his work private, and his achievements still remain largely unknown to the art world. His original decision never to exhibit or publish his work, to conceal it from others, even to destroy it, has allowed the artist an extraordinary degree of creative freedom. Henri Barande’s sculptures and paintings represent a continuous dialogue with those beliefs. It is nearly twenty years since the American curator and critic David Galloway first discovered Barande and persuaded him to share his extraordinary vision with the world. The Work Beyond is the first English-language title that explores the work of this remarkable artist.

The artist’s solo shows to date are Meteoron at Sotheby’s Zurich (2000), the Musée d’Art Moderne, Geneva (2008), and Nice to be Dead at the École des Beaux Arts, Paris (2011). In addition, he has participated in group shows at the Zurich Kunsthalle (2002) and the Museum of Modern Art in São Paulo (2009). An exhibition of Barande’s work will open at Saatchi Gallery on October 4th 2016.

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