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The State Hermitage
978-1-86154-356-1 Format 331 x 308 mm Portrait, Hardcover in two Volumes with Slipcase

Treasures from the Museum’s Collections Revised and Extended edition

Commentary from more than 100 Hermitage Curators

Volume 1 836 pp
Volume 2 916 pp

The first and still definitive book on the complete collections of the Hermitage Museum, updated to mark its 250th anniversary.

The Hermitage in St Petersburg is one of the great museums of the world. The span and variety of the collections is unparalleled, from prehistory to the 20th century. It includes palaeolithic artifacts of the 22nd millennium BC, Egyptian antiquities, Roman portrait busts, Byzantine coins, Scythian gold, Chinese prints, 19th-century Tibetan art, paintings by Leonardo and Picasso, Matisse and Rembrandt, Giorgione and Rockwell Kent, Sèvres porcelain, Gobelins tapestries, jewelry, costumes, furniture and much more. In this newly updated edition, recent additions, such as the Soviet porcelain collection from the Lomonosov Porcelain Museum, are also included.

Professor Piotrovsky, whose tenure as director of the Hermitage coincides almost exactly with the lifetime of this publication, writes a new introduction with photographs that reflect the ‘Greater Hermitage’ project: its recent expansion into the General Staff building across Palace Square, the museum’s new restoration and conservation centre, and its affiliated museums in St Petersburg and beyond.

First published in 1994 as The State Hermitage, this revised and updated two-volume survey of the museum has been chosen as the official publication for the 250th anniversary of the Hermitage in 2014. As an unrivalled treasury of world culture, presented through the museum’s vast collections, it is sure to remain the definitive work for many years to come.