Hardback / 192pp, 1-86154-231-3 188 x 145mm, 7 3/8 x 5 3/4 in May 2002

Anthony Webb and Ingrid Rasmussen's photography captures the thriving ethnic and cultural diversity that lights up Britain's contemporary urban landscapes. Foods, exotic dishes, body products and garments spill out from their images as they do through inner city streets, stores and markets. Arrays of plantains, batiks, hair extensions, dried fish, Halal meat and mango juice infuse British streets with colour. Restaurants boast home-made variations of Lebanese falafel, Greek moussaka, Jamaican patties and Indian curries, zealously consumed and promoted next to traditional fish and chips and fried breakfasts. While these are so often bypassed, here Webb and Rasmussen relish their beauty, colour and rich cultural mix.

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