Specials - New Graphics
Hardback, full-colour, 256pp, 1-86154-220-8 240 x 310mm October 2001

'This book represents an important kind of new graphic renaissance, a fresh European sensibility, the designer establishing his or her voice through confident, intuitive self expression.' Creative Review 'A coffee table feast for techno-phobes and digital fans alike...showing how digital technology and pen and ink are beautifully united by the new hot shots of graphic art.' Harvey Nichols Magazine This book raises the temperature of the current design scene, bringing together the most surprising new work from a young breed of graphic and communication designers. The industry's best known protagonists were asked for personal recommendations for contributors and their selection can legitimately be called the 'best of' today's young graphics generation. Their refreshingly simple, humorous and irreverent designs feel unbound by the constraints of the desk top. Previously unpublished projects include full-colour print brochures, Flash animations, web-sites, short-run self-published books, light installations, t-shirt graphics, and even a design for a new paper cup. Compiled by Booth-Clibborn Editions and Scarlet Projects. Designed by Bump.