• Sculptures of Jeddah
  • Sculptures of Jeddah
  • Sculptures of Jeddah
  • Sculptures of Jeddah
Sculptures of Jeddah
HB with French fold jacket Extent:276 pp illustrated in full colour. ISBN:978-1-86154-338-7 310mmx 240mm,11” x 91/4” portrait May 2015

A rare collection of 20th century public art, unique in the world. 

A fascinating view of the cultural heritage of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is not readily open to tourism. 

Specially commissioned photography from Ahmed Mater

Facsimile pages from the original record of the sculptures of Jeddah

Forty years ago, Jeddah’s new mayor, Mohamed Said Farsi decided to transform his city through an urban development scheme that placed contemporary art at its core.  This was public art on a grand scale, designed ‘to bring delight to the citizen, to give a sense of wonder and stir a sense of history. Works were commissioned from many of the world’s greatest contemporary sculptors, including Henry Moore, Jean Arp, Joan Miró, Alexander Calder, Arnaldo Pomodoro and César, as well as some of the best sculptors of the Middle East.

The Sculptures of Jeddah documents the restoration and relocation of some 26 major works, there are superb commissioned photographs of Jeddah’s public art taken by artist and photographer Ahmed Mater and also a fascinating insight into the original project through the reproduction in facsimile of the original archive catalogue of the works.  With contributions from, amongst others, Mayor Farsi and Director of Tate Modern Chris Dercon,  this remarkable project was undertaken by Abdul Latif Jameel Community Initiatives and the Municipality of Jeddah.

This book allows the world a glimpse into a city not easily visited and shows Saudi Arabia as a place of vision and innovation in the arts. 

To be published in two editions, one in English and one in Arabic, both editions will include specially commissioned new photography and archive images.

Edward Booth-Clibborn has edited and published many books, amongst others The History of the Saatchi Gallery , Edge of Arabia and The Splendour of Iran