Project Iceland
By Edited by Charlie Strand Hardback, 240pp, 978-1-86154-308-0 230 x 300mm May 2008

A virtual who's who of contemporary Icelandic music, art and fashion Project:Iceland highlights the work of the key figures that contribute to Iceland's reputation for innovation and originality. Through specially commissioned photography, interviews and an audio CD featuring tracks from Iceland's most acclaimed bands, this book presents the source of extraordinary talent found in Iceland's creative community. Project:Iceland is the first overview of the Icelandic contemporary arts scene. Amongst others it showcases the work of the world- renowned artist Hrafnhildur Arnardottir aka Shoplifter, who created the stunning hair sculptures for Bjorks' "Medulla" album, as well as the mysterious Icelandic Love Corporation and the critics' favourite performance artist Egil Saebjornsson. Also included is specially commissioned fashion photography of the work of the award-winning designer Steinunn Sigurdar, the rockstars' favourite fashion label 'Dead' and the up-and-coming new designer Eyglo Margret Larusdottir. The CD features music by world famous bands Sigur Ros, Mum and Trabant as well as many new musicians including Valgeir Sigurdsson, producer and sound engineer to Bjork for the last 8 years. Three years in the making, this project is a mosaic of Iceland's art, design, fashion and musical talent. With the support of The Center for Icelandic Arts and Icelandic Music Export, coupled with the editor's longstanding relationship with so many of the featured artists. Project:Iceland gives significant insight into this outstanding creative community. Charlie Strand: Editor: Originally a music and fashion stylist based in London working with musicians such as Brett Anderson and Bryan Ferry and the fashion designer Katherine Hamnett, Charlie Strand is half British, half Icelandic. Now a photographer living in Iceland and conscious of the dramatic changes to the artistic environment there, he decided to create Project Iceland as a permanent record of this exciting time.No other publication released either in Iceland or worldwide has covered the current creative boom in Iceland.