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By Charles Saatchi 248 pages, 52 essays and 50 images, 978-1-86154-359-2 180 x 245 portrait, hardback June 2015

In this new book DEAD A Celebration of Mortality, cleverly designed to look like a marble tombstone, (complete with marble edge-stain) Charles Saatchi relates often perversely entertaining stories in a wittily dry style that looks at death and mortality in a coolly amused and detached way.  The 52 brief essays span a wide variety of topics; the Russian mafia, snake eating spiders, Attila the Hun, The Wild West, being run over by your own dog, even laughing yourself to a heart attack!

About the Author
Charles Saatchi has been one of the moving forces of the modern age, one of the most significant figures in global advertising and one of the most influential collectors of contemporary art, while contradictorily remaining a reclusive, even elusive figure. Saatchi was selected by the BBC as one of 60 ‘New Elizabethans’ who have most influenced the past 60 years. 

Since My Name Is Charles Saatchi and I’m An Artoholic in which he answered questions from journalists, critics and members of the public with brutally frank candour. Charles Saatchi, has written four more successful and entertaining books in his inimitable witty and pithy prose.

The Saatchi Gallery has hosted 10 of the 15 most visited exhibitions in London museums over the last four years, and is one of the five most popular museums in the world on Facebook, and on Twitter, and on Google+, with over a million followers on each.

Following on from the success of his previous best sellers:
My Name Is Charles Saatchi and I’m An Artoholic
Be The Worst You Can Be
The Naked Eye
Known Unknowns

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