• Contact
By Sam Taylor-Wood Paperback, including opaque pages, full-colour, 160pp, 1-86154-223-2 240 x 288mm November 2001

One of the more widely discussed and inventive exponents of contemporary British art, Sam Taylor-Wood has spent a decade creating film and photographic works that extend the boundaries of their media. She has worked closely with Bruce Mau Design on this project to give unprecedented insight into the usually private or suppressed source images behind her work. Originally conceived for an exhibition in London, Contact's wall of over 2000 test prints, 360 panoramas and contact images was reassembled in Mau's Toronto studio. Photographed in detail from every angle to replicate the experience of visiting an installation they have creating a provocative spatial hybrid. Like Warhol's Polaroid portraits and screen tests, Contact also gives a revealing exposure of the vulnerabilities of Taylor-Wood's subjects - including Kate Moss, Courtney Love and Damien Hirst - creating a lively archive of the creative icons of her time.