• Anna Pavlova Twentieth Century Ballerina
  • Anna Pavlova Twentieth Century Ballerina
  • Anna Pavlova Twentieth Century Ballerina
  • Anna Pavlova Twentieth Century Ballerina
Anna Pavlova Twentieth Century Ballerina
By Jane Pritchard with Caroline Hamilton 208pp 150 illustrations, cloth cover, ISBN 978-1-86154-335-6 200 x 264mm June 2012


Anna Pavlova is a legendary ballerina.  Originally from the Imperial Russian Ballet, she performed to great acclaim in Europe for various impresarios at the beginning of the 20th century including Sergei Diaghilev creator of the famous Ballets Russes. Anna Pavlova formed her own dance company in 1912 and  based herself in London at Ivy House, Hampstead

This book celebrates the centenary of Anna Pavlova’s residency at Ivy House, Hampstead, which became her home base from 1912 until her death in 1931 and presents a lively outline of her career, focusing on her contribution to the ballet scene in Britain. It has a popular edge but at the same time includes new research and presents the material in a fresh manner.  A concise text shows Anna Pavlova as an independent modern woman, a Londoner by choice, an independent producer, international star and the most acclaimed ballerina of all time.

The  book will include some 150 photographs of Pavlova on-stage and off and are a selection of unfamiliar images along with some more familiar material. There is also a list of all of her public performances in Britain.

Pavlova and her Company are often regarded as conservative in the light of the Ballets Russes. This book will emphasise that her role was very different and needs reassessment in the light of the changing perspective of women and dance history. Pavlova’s  productions had wide appeal and she brought to Britain many of the works from the Imperial Ballet  which are regarded as the foundation of ballet repertoire in the 21st century. 

Anna Pavlova is still the ballerina whose name resonates most widely with a general public and there are no books currently in print in English although there is a constant demand for them. Profits from the book will be given to the Bursary Fund at The Royal Ballet School.

Jane Pritchard, dance historian, is the Curator of dance at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, and co curator of Diaghalev and the Golden Age of the Ballet, she is also co-editor of the book of the same title.

Caroline Hamilton is a freelance dance and costume historian and has been the historian for Pavlova 2012 and the writer and researcher for the performance An Intimate Evening with Anna Pavlova that takes place at the Royal Opera House Linbury Studio on June 17th 2012.